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exchange RAM by HP?

Cheng Luo_1

exchange RAM by HP?

I was reading HP Chinese page, I understood that HP company made announcement.

Because of the memory provided by third party, some of them have defects, which causes blue screen, unexpectedly lock (or crash). According to plan 128, 256 and 512M can be changed during the peiord of June 25 - Dec. 31, 2004.

My computer is Onnibook, it is not in the list
of the types.
But my computer had blues screen problem just half year after bought. At least it is good I knew this is the reason that cause the blues screen.

I still have problem sometime, especiall after travelling with it. I always have to use other display if blue screen happen.

Can someone tell more if I can get 128M RAM changed? My computer is 128M RAM, but I bought another 128M ram, so it is 256M.

Anyway I still like my computer, really a work horse.

John Y
Honored Contributor

Re: exchange RAM by HP?

Call customer service and state your case, they may have updated their model listing possibly including yours now.!
Bruno Ganino
Honored Contributor

Re: exchange RAM by HP?

Cheng, your problem is this ?

These are link for support omnibook model:

Torino (Turin) +2H