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how efficient is ClamWin ?

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Super Advisor

how efficient is ClamWin ?


has someone any experience with ClamWin:

a free Antivirus for Windows and knows how efficient is it ?


Mic V.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: how efficient is ClamWin ?

Unfortunately, I have no experience -- but here's some research.
I usually say virus protection is one place I'm happy to pay for --
for the updates -- but this site says they update immediately:

But there's at least one downside--there's no scan-on-access; you
have to do it manually. It also begs the question of how updates
happen; do you have to keep checking, or does it have an automatic

Sorry I can't help more.

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Guy Humphreys
Valued Contributor

Re: how efficient is ClamWin ?

I will also add my experiences, again have not used it directly on windows.

but as it uses the same definitions as clamav I can say that the release of new definition files is VERY quick, on average I think it is quicker than the major manufacturers.

The clamav product has on-access scanning from within Linux so I imagine it will not be long before this functionality is added to the windows version. Without this however, I would not use it. Unless you were EXTREMELY deligent you could easily get infected without an on-access scan and even if you took every precaution if a virus that replicated over rpc came onto your network your PC could be infected and crippled quicker than you can do a manual scan.

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'
Honored Contributor

Re: how efficient is ClamWin ?


If you're looking into Free for Personal Use anti-virus software for Linux, you might try either of these:



They have Windows versions also.