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how to repair presario 4788 after format HD

Koen Sterckx
Occasional Visitor

how to repair presario 4788 after format HD

Now the computer doesn't start up anymore, you hear the hd and fans spinning but the screen stays black.

How do you repair something like this. I tried using the diagnostic diskette and the other setup diskette but the screen stayed black.

Honored Contributor

Re: how to repair presario 4788 after format HD

The first step will be to switch the monitor to determine the exact source of the problem.
Was the Monitor working fine?
What do you mean by doesn't startup anymore? Do you mean there is no power?
Please tell in details what have you done?

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John Collier
Esteemed Contributor

Re: how to repair presario 4788 after format HD


The title of your post asks how to repair after 'format HD'. Does this mean that you have actually formatted the hard disk drive?
If so, you will have to put some kind of operating system (DOS, Windows, Linux, etc) on the machine for it to do much of anything.
If you still have an operating system of some kind on there, then the most likely cause will be either a bad video card or a bad monitor.
I agree with Xman. We need to know exactly what you have and have not tried/done before we can be of much more assistance to you.
Please provide the details at your earliest convenience.
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Koen Sterckx
Occasional Visitor

Re: how to repair presario 4788 after format HD

The monitor works on my other PC.

I was going to install WinXp on it. I booted from the windows cd and then i saw 4 partitions :
1) size +- 372mb name eisa utilities
2)NTFS partition +-2700 mb
3)NTFS partition +-1000 mb
4)non dos partition or something like it size +-12mb

I deleted the 2 + 3 partition and made a new one of +- 3700mb, then i formatted the partition but at about 91% of the format it stopped going. After about an hour i disconnect the power because it was still @ 91%.

Then i took the HD out of the presario and tried formatting it in my other PC. But that didn't work either(same problem). Then did a quick format of the HD and that worked.

Then to make sure there was nothing with the HD i installed WinXp using my other PC and that worked fine.

Then i installed the HD back in the presario and tried booting from the WinXp cd to reinstall windows on the presario but nothing worked anymore. When i put the power on only the diskette drive and HD start working (no screen, no keyboard, etc., also no beeps from the bios )

I hope you can understand my english -:)

thanks a lot in advance

PS i also tried with an other working vga card but no screen