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Hi Guys,
We have 500 computers with win2k profesional.
Every 3 months we need to take an inventory of all the machines like ram,hdd,speed of the processor,installed software.It will take lot of time to complete all the machines.Is there any tool available to complete the inventory in short amount of time?
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Re: inventory


Are you willing to pay?

For hardware and software inventory reports:

SMS 2003 SP1

Symantec Ghost Corp Edition V.8

Free from Microsoft Inventory Analyzer for software Microsoft core products only:

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Re: inventory

Hi Mahesh,

you can use AIDA32 for this purpose, which generates txt based reports ( or tabwise explorer type report on monitor), which you can use & store.
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Ken wanderer
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Re: inventory

Try a program like Belarc
I think they have a corporate edition for networks but the free download is good for system to system details.
Another is Visual Audit Pro.
Haven't tried this one but says it can do what you want done.
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Re: inventory

Compaq insight manager, see
There used to be 2 variants of this product, LC for small/medium networks, and XE for larger ones. If you can still get the LC version, it will do what you want, see
It is also free (as in beer)
Jon Finley
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Re: inventory

We use WinAudit to do our inventories.

Works pretty well, and it's free.

Example entry for logon scripts, so that ALL users invoke the tool and the output gets saved to reflect the computer's name:

k:\winaudit\winaudit.exe /r=DCLv /o=text /f=k:\winaudit\%computername%.txt

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