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matshita dvd-rom sr-8586 help!!

ankur jain
Occasional Contributor

matshita dvd-rom sr-8586 help!!

im a novice with computers and wondered if anyone could help me.i have a matshita dvd-rom sr-8586 as my dvd rom drive.it used to play dvds fine untill a few weeks ago.now when i used mediamatics dvdexpress it says this "There is a problem with the DVD-ROM drive due to copy protection. Playback is stopped" at first i thought it was a software problem but i reinstalled mediamatics and tried other players-pcfriendly, realone, stamp3 but they dont work either. is it a hardware problem? is my dvd rom drive broken? i havent moved my computor or dropped it etc which made me think it was a software problem. if anyone has any useful ideas please let me know. thanks
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: matshita dvd-rom sr-8586 help!!


Beleave someone gave you an answer,

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