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modem install blues.

Andy Alder
Occasional Visitor

modem install blues.

There is no option to disable com1 on my Kayak XAs, I spent ages trying to
install a PnP modem using the default BIOS settings to no avail, then I setup
the bios for non PnP OS and the winmodem installed just fine.

Question, Why is there a BIOS setting to fully disable COM2 but no option to
disable COM1 except to select "disabled/PnP OS" in which case win95/98 finds
the motherboard comms port at the same time as it finds the modem and screws up
and puts the 3com USR at IRQ9 unless you select "non PnP OS" in BIOS.
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: modem install blues.

Hello Andy,

I've done some checking and it appears in previous revisions of the BIOS you
could not disable the individual com port, as you stated. We have at least
three different models of the Kayak XA workstation so I wasn't able to see if
your specific model had been fixed. We have rolled the BIOS on several XA
models so that you can now disable COM1 instead of disabling all of PnP. I
have the XA model 5/xxx and I was able to disable COM1 after downloading the
latest BIOS.

Verify the exact PC model number and then go to the link below and search for
the latest rev of the BIOS for your model. The latest BIOS for my model was
just released last month so chances are there is a fix for your problem as
well. Also, make sure you review the readme file before flashing the BIOS. I
noticed that the sound drivers needed to be removed prior to flashing the BIOS.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes