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ms-dos-prompt (printing command) besides shift&print screen key.

Tab Jones
Occasional Visitor

ms-dos-prompt (printing command) besides shift&print screen key.

hello, how are you doing i hope fine. well i won't keep you long but does
anyone know what the command is when working in ms-dos prompt? how to print the
document from a hewlett packarad all-in-one printer ( office jet all-in-one
series 600 color printer)? if you don't understand what i am talking about then
this is a sample: a:\
then it shows you the a's drive directory.and then you are
supposed to be able to print, by holding at the same time the shift and print
screen key but its not working for my printer(i mean computer).

could some one if it is not to much trouble tell me another way to print from
my computer to my printer?
thank you , so much.

oh! and if not to busy could you give me your response as soon as possible?
thank you.

Re: ms-dos-prompt (printing command) besides shift&print screen key.

I am not 100% sure what you want , but I'll try....

1. When you install a printer driver, you have the option to allow DOS-based
printing to it.
2. While in the DOS prompts, do DIR > FILE.TXT
3. PRINT THE FILE BY print file.txt. It should be directed to your lpt1.
Steve White_8
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Re: ms-dos-prompt (printing command) besides shift&print screen key.

If the printer is networked you have to type

net use lpt1 \\"computername"\"sharename"

you should then be capable of printing.

shift print screen = active part of screen

control print screen = entire screen

If the previous one does not work try alt print screen will buffer the output,
you then open ms-paint and press control v together, this will capture the
information so you can print.