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nc4010 and microphone volume

Jari Nurminen
Occasional Visitor

nc4010 and microphone volume


I have a compaq nc4010 laptop (with Win XP SP2) and I'm missing an audio feature that has been available with all the other laptops & PC's that I have worked with. Namely the possibily to echo the microphone on the headphones/loudspeakers.

I.e. usually when you open the volume control (sndvol32.exe) and select "Menu:options --> properties" you have a possibility to show the output volume control for the microphone. Now the options that I have available are "Volume Control", "Wave", "SW-synthesizer", "CD-Player", "PC beep" & "Line-in" ==> the microphone is missing.

In my case the microphone volume control is only available in input (recording) window ("sndvol32.exe -r"). I.e. by selecting "Menu:options --> properties" in the input modus the options available are "Microphone", "Line-In" & "Waveoutput-mix".

I updated the audio drivers from v5.12.01.3920 to v5.12.01.5250 but that didn't change anything.

And now to my questions, this has most likely something to with the sound card (i.e. "SoundMAX Digital Audio" integrated sound card) drivers:
1) is this a known issue and is planned to be fixed?
2) is this a feature i.e. the "local microphone echo" is disabled for a reason (e.g. the hardware does not support this feature)?


- Jari