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network card problem on Kayak xu800

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network card problem on Kayak xu800

I have a problem with a LAN card on Windows XP installed on a kayak xu 800.
I've installed a software (realone player) and when I restarted the comp. XP shows me network cable unplugged. The Lan card works fine on other comp., the UTP cable works too. I've put another card in the PCI slot, but when I try to install I get an error: This device cannot start, code 10.

A few months ago I have to update the motherboard BIOS (recommended by HP as a must because otherwise Windows XP wouldn't work.
after that update I get an error: Mouse error, press F1 to continue, but then the mouse works fine.
and another error: I cannot enter in BIOS (press F2 to enter setup); resetting the BIOS also doesn't work.

There is another way of getting to BIOS?
and what about the LAN card?


Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: network card problem on Kayak xu800

Is your BIOS version 11.10? If not, consider upgrading it. See:

Read the information on that web page, especially the caution to set Plug and Play OS to "NO" in the BIOS with all Windows versions!

If still fails, give us the LAN card data.

Good luck!

Make a great day!


Re: network card problem on Kayak xu800

If all else fails try this:
Go to network properties in control panel, get properties for the network card, set the connect type to 10baseT half duplex apply the change then try enabling the device/connection and reboot. You should then be able to make network connections. This does NOT fix the problem, only a work around.
Have fun.
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Re: network card problem on Kayak xu800

Hi again!
I was having a similar problem and have subsequently resolved it. The work-around would get me back on the network. What I found wrong was a "cable" some how, somewhere the cable went/got bad. Do you have a way to test your cable? Is it "Category 5" The cable that I found bad was new and factory made 50ft. segment I usually make my own but was in a pinch so I used one from the truck. Turns out that both store bought cables will only connect at 10mb/s half duplex.
Have more fun!
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Re: network card problem on Kayak xu800

thnx to all who answered but I soved the problems.
problem with the mouse was the serial mouse. I connected a PS2 mouse and it worked very well (without the mouse error) and let me enter the BIOS (!!!??).
The other problem:
I replaced the network card and, of course, it didn't work, I've installed Windows XP again, the same problem; I've installed Windows 2000 Pro and surprise, it worked fine. But, the license on that computer was with Windows XP so I've installed again Windows XP and again surprise it worked very fine.
Why? Don't ask me...X-files..:)..probably because it's a M$ product..:)
thnx again.
Andy Seitz
Occasional Visitor

Re: network card problem on Kayak xu800

I have an Xu800 as well and when I switched to WinXP Pro I also had trouble getting on the network. For me it turned out that many HP Lan cards are simply not compatible with XP, even though HP provides an XP Lan Driver. I found an old LinkSys Lan Card and pplugged that in and all was fine as far as the network goes. (Now if I can only fix those stupid "Delayed Write Failed" messages....)