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outlook 2002 calendar sharing

Occasional Visitor

outlook 2002 calendar sharing

I got myself a new XP pro with Office on it.
It came with outlook 2002 which I use for managing mails, calendsers, schedules, et al.

Sharing calenders was particularly straigh forward inoutlook 2002. All I did was,
Go to 'File' -> 'Share' -> 'Calender' -> Provide the list of users to whom I wanted to share my calenders and thats it. Other would do the same and our calenders were in sync.

But nowits totally dofferent and not sostriaghtforward in outlook 2002. I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to share calendars in outlook 2002 as I usually did in 2000 but have been very unsuccesful. I guess there is Free/Busy service which I have to use oublish and search calenders. Also if I wanted to use Microsoft service to share calenders then I have create .NET passports. But still I have not been able to share calendars.

Can anyone please advise me how to go abotu it. If not anything else just give me the equivalent steps for the follwoing outlook 2000 steps in Outlook 2002,
"Go to 'File' -> 'Share' -> 'Calender' -> Provide the list of users to whom I wanted to share my calenders and thats it"

Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: outlook 2002 calendar sharing

If you're using the "Folders" view, have you tried right-clicking on Calendar?

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