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Re: repair corrupt .PST file

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repair corrupt .PST file


Howto repair corrupt .PST file from MS 2000 Outlook ?
Michael Sillers
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Re: repair corrupt .PST file

This link has a lot of suggestions. The main one is to use the rMicrosoft repair utility which will work if the file is not larger than 2G. If it is larger, you have to spilt it into smaller parts and try again.

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Re: repair corrupt .PST file

I found a solution that works over 2 GB PST file (no size limits) listed on Bing.


It has various export options and repairs highly damaged Outlook data file. You can evaluate!


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Re: repair corrupt .PST file

You can follow the given procedure to repair your PST file:

Use Inbox Repair tool (canpst.exe) to recover folders and items from a corrupted Personal Folders file (.pst) or Offline Folder file (.ost) in Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2002. Scanpst.exe is installed automatically when you install Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook.

Precise steps are given as follow:

Step 1: Exit Outlook and start the Inbox Repair tool
Step 2: Repair the .pst file
Step 3: Recover repaired items to a new .pst file
Step 4: Create a new Personal Folder (.pst) file in your profile. The steps may be different, depending on which version of Outlook you are running.
Step 5: Drag the recovered items from the Lost and Found folder to your new Personal Folders (.pst) file.
Step 6: When you have finished moving all items, you can remove the Recovered Personal Folders (.pst) file from your profile. This includes the Lost and Found folder.
Step 7: If you are satisfied with the information that you recovered, you are finished. However, if you want to try to recover additional information, go to "Recover repaired items from the backup file."

After performing this procedure, you will surely repair the PST file. In the meantime if you want to have a look over the data saved in that corrupted PST file, then you can try a PST viewer utility to open or read PST file , it helps in viewing the data stored in PST file even if the PST file is damaged as it has advance scan option available to execute this task.