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screen problem on notebook ze4560

mitar miric
Occasional Visitor

screen problem on notebook ze4560

Hi all,

I am having problem with screen on HP ze4560us. Recently i had problem with HDD , so i replace HDD with another which my friend gave me, he also had HP. On beginning I had problem with formatting HDD , during the unsuccessful formatting notebook just froze so i had to powered off by holding power on/off button for several seconds. Following morning when I powered on screen did not respond. I tried with external monitor that way working fine. So using the external monitor i install windows xp. Now when I am switching in-between screens notebook screen is just blue , but its not "blue screen of death with error massage" .Blue color is the same like the one on the startup of the windows xp where you have options to log in as a administrator or another user.
Another strange thing is that is my external display recognized as a primary and notebook screen as a secondary. I n the settings option when I move over the icon of the second screen(notebook screen) i am showing resolution 640, 0 .

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated?

Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: screen problem on notebook ze4560

This is a question to be called in some PC- forum, likely to be the Windowes, or Hardware one.
But I'd suggest you check your display settings in the BIOS setup. It might be that your external video is set to be Primary, not the internal one. It's also possible that you have the wrong driver.
Try starting the PC in safe mdoe and see if you can change things from there.

But as said: best you ask this in another forum.

(Blue screens in our (VMS) world mean "Good. System is fine. I'm your console")
Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
Srinivas Reddy_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: screen problem on notebook ze4560

I recommend you to try the hot key Fn + F5 to toggle the display between the notebook display and external monitor.

If you could not see the icons on the desktop, you need to uncheck the option for "extend my desktop" option in display properties. And then try the Fn+ F5 again.

Try the suggestions....
Chris Tinker
Occasional Visitor

Re: screen problem on notebook ze4560

I found one of these laptops in the trash compactor for a similar problem.
Computer would come on, but there was no video display....
Well, there WAS, but only once enough every so often as to prevent ME from putting it back where I found it.
After a LOT of frustration, and a LOT of telling myself it was only a paperweight unless I fixed said problem, I found that it was a problem inside the monitor itself.. A series of three or so what appeared to be 3M "stickies" had not been peeled and the sticky surface applied to a small, thin, and vital pc board just below the screen in the monitor. I did what had not been done at the factory, and it has worked ever since.

I had seen many of this model come in for repair with no real resolution where I worked, until I found this problem out. Likely, if you keep taking a ze4500 series back for a blacked-out screen with no difference when you get it back from repair, this is the problem.