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screen saver

Joretta Holt
Occasional Visitor

screen saver

I have pictures that I have taken and they are in my pc under photo but when I try to set up a screen saver uing my photos i cannot do it. Help. thanks jo
Paul Walling
Honored Contributor

Re: screen saver

Hi Joretta and welcome

I don't believe you can select a single image for this - after all, that would defeat the purpose of a screen-saver.
Although I've not done it myself, I believe you have to set up an "album" in JASC Media Centre, and then, in Control Panel>Display>ScreenSaver select JASC.... as the screen saver choice then choose the album using the "Settings" button.
Hope that helps.
Joretta Holt
Occasional Visitor

Re: screen saver

thanks Iwill try jo
Fernando Cabal
Occasional Advisor

Re: screen saver


have you tried to use Picassa, free tool from Google.

Picasa and Picasa Web Albums Help:


Re: screen saver

This is not meant for single pictures - that is for desktop display. You have to choose a folder.

In Vista, right click your display and left click on 'Personalize' (OR go to Control Panel then Personalization). Then click on 'Screen Saver'. The window should pop up with a drop down menu. Drop down to 'Photos'. Then click on the Settings button. Another window should pop up where you can choose the folder you want to use. Check the circle for 'Use pictures and videos from:' and then click on the Browse button to find your pictures folder. You can also harmlessly choose a Theme and Speed from this box. Try it and have some fun with it. If you are not familiar with folder trees you may need to know more.

About the trees: when you click the Browse button, it will be likely to take you to a folder tree highlighting the Public Screensaver. You will need to scroll to your user name or the Public folder you have placed your desired pictures in. To do so, scroll all the way to the top and you should see Desktop. The user names should come under that. Click on the little arrows on the left and they will open (or close) folders to show what folders are inside. If you click on the arrow next to your user name, it should open to the folders where you can scroll to find YOUR pictures.

XP is pretty much the same, except you may have to go to Display in the Control Panel first.

If it still does not work, try choosing the Public (user name for sharing) folder with the Sample Pictures in it. If it still does not work, call support.

You can also search for screensaver photo info at
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