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setup disk for vectra qs/16s

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setup disk for vectra qs/16s

im looking for the setup disk for my vectra qs/16s pc.

model # d1470a
version # f.02.00 qs/16s

the reasone for this disk is to change the bios settings. im trying to get all my old hp pc's up and running. unfortunally the origanal software got wet from a leak in the roof and is damaged. thank god all the other software is fine and backed up. please anyone with info on this please help. thanks alex.
Rune J. Winje
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Re: setup disk for vectra qs/16s

Wow! That's ancient...

Yes I seem to remember vaguely you had to have a floppy to enter setup on these PC's.

Only reference I found was
There's a link to QS 20 files in that thread, so you might give that a try.

Other than this... maybe someone still has this floppy collecting dust somewhere...