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sharing a mapped drive

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sharing a mapped drive

hi all
is it possible ?
and how if it is ?
I have some network drives mapped and see that I can not share mapped drives. but i need to do that because it is mapped to a NAS and i need to configure some users to connect to the nas via the mapped drive on the NT server !!!
Artyom Voronchihin
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Re: sharing a mapped drive

It's impossible to share mapped drive. But you can provide access to this drive via FTP. Setup and run an FTP server on the machine with mapped drive.
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Roger Faucher
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Re: sharing a mapped drive


Can't you create a share on the server and then map a drive letter at the users' workstations. You could create a logon script to do the mapping evry time you reboot/logon.

Just a thought!

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Re: sharing a mapped drive

yes it is possible try the subst command. It is an old dos command but it will work.
subst /? will tell you how to use it.
Jon Finley
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Re: sharing a mapped drive

There was also an update or add-in to NT server from MS that enabled DFS (Distributed File System). This allows you to "collect" shares from all across your network, and make them appear that they exist or are hosted from your server.

I created a folder called "Shares" on my server, then attached the DFS links within the folder. I then shared the "Shares" folder for all to access.

Also make it easier to backup.

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