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sharing hp color lj 1500 in novell netware 4/6

Occasional Contributor

sharing hp color lj 1500 in novell netware 4/6


In my workplace we've been having a lot of problems with shared printers in general. At the moment I've setup a hp color lj 1500l, its attached to a w2k machine with a novell client by usb cable. I've created user accounts on the pc directly attached to the printer with usernames and passwords to match the user's netware userid and passwords.

The users are all using w2k pcs with a novell client, but they regularly have these problems:-

1. printer deletes itself sometimes, usually due to a corrupt profile and then must be re-added with \\pcname\printShare

2. The status of the printer, under printers and faxes is always 'access denied, unable to connect' but will print anyway.

3. From the pc attached to printer it prints fine, but sometimes it wont from the share, i.e. pages from Internet explorer will print with graphics and text missing or the printer may just repeatedly print multiple copies of the same document until someone presses cancel on the printer.

I'm pretty sure this an issue with using Windows based sharing in a netware environment, Any ideas would be most helpful.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: sharing hp color lj 1500 in novell netware 4/6


It sounds like you might have BOTH 'Client for MS Windows' and 'Netware Client' loaded. Is that the case? If so, I would try to settle on one or the other. It sounds like you're printing using the Novell Netware client. I would try the latest version from

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