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smtp server installation

Prakash Jadwani

smtp server installation


Knowledge about smtp server for windows 2003 server Enterprise edition.
Any links for free download of software
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: smtp server installation

HI Prakash,
Not sure where you want to use it for, but can you use the SMTP service that is built in Win2003? It is part of the IIS service and is not installed by default when IIS is installed.

Look here for info:

Have a nice day,
HTH, Ronald
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Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: smtp server installation

SMTP is installed by default but it does not do anything usefull until you install an real MTA.

There are not a lot of choices for windows, you have for example exchange or lotus domino.

If you want a free SMTP server you should think is setup one in Linux, there you have a lot of options (postfix,sendmail,qmail,etc).
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