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Re: tracert

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I have a setup in my lab where we are testing an application that will send packets from machine to machine using any route that is available, not just the route that is discovered by tracert or used by ping. So, I thought that if I used tracert's -j option I could check to see if a particular pathway was working by specifying one node along the route I want to take. It seems that the -j option allows loose source routing, which I thoguht meant that you would go from your source to your goal, using the specified node(s) and all other nodes were unknown/unspecified. My syntax was:

tracert -j

This didn't work. Is there a way to do this?
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Re: tracert

The following TechNet article describes the -j option as a way of confirming the return route to a specific node ...

I don't think it does exactly what you're looking for ...
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Re: tracert


What about ping -k ? it is a strict source routing...

By the way. Are you sure that your network-devices (routers) allow source routing ?

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