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wallpaper change

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wallpaper change

I need HELP! My wallpaper turns black and changes into an image of a "spiderweb tattooed a**hole"! I've got adaware, spybot, avast and zone alarm running and updated but they don't detect the problem! The pest puts a bmp file in winnt folder that sets as wallpaper. Even if i delete it and the temporary files, the wallpaper changes after a short time!
it's a real mistery...i've been dealing with it for more than a week and i've done
thousands of things, dowloaded anti spyware, anti trojan, new antiviruses, updated
windows, explorer, searched for a solution on the web...but nothing seems to be the
right way...
noone of us has ever heard bout a wallpaper with a man entirely tattoed as a spider,
who shows his spirer web looking a+++hole, with written: SPIDERMAN STRIKES! in red
Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: wallpaper change

There is an executable or registry entry that makes the wallpaper return.

You need to run msconfig (Start --> Run: msconfig to check out what's been loaded in your autoexec, and startup tabs.

Next get a registry cleaner line ToniArts easycleaner and clean up your registry.

Also get hijackthis which will show you all startup items.

Use google for what you find because you probably won't see anything that screams "Spiderman - Remove Me". That would make it far to easy to find and remove.
"Downtime is a Crime."
Robert Abbott
Regular Advisor

Re: wallpaper change

It sounds like someone is playing a bad joke on you.

If you can't find the problem you can try modifying the bmp file to get rid of the image then mark the file as read only. It's possible you will get an error message when the culprit tries to change it again thus giving you a clue as to what is up.
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