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whois look up

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Joe van Raamt
Super Advisor

whois look up

Forum member Igor Karasik has shown me previously how to do this, but I can not grasp it. this is again about an very young and immature abuser of a forum and I like him to know (scare) that he can be found.
Even if it was just the town he is from.
The IP Address is: The host name is:
I hope I am not out of line asking for this.
I tried it on this URL, to no avail
c'est la guerre
Robert S. Carr
Trusted Contributor

Re: whois look up


Looks like this guy is coming in off Verizon's network. Verizon is a major wireline and wireless communication services provider in the US. Problem is, the guy may just be a DSL subscriber. You would have to get Verizon to give you more information. They probably wouldn't like it very much if you tried to snoop their network and may have a team/systems in place to stop that.

They have an abuse e-mail address though so try sending an friendly e-mail asking for a bit of advice:

If that's no help it would probably be easier just to erase the posts, issue a warning, remind the user of the rules, then kick him off the forum if he can't get along.

Good luck.


Joe van Raamt
Super Advisor

Re: whois look up

Ok Rob, I understand and will follow your advice. Thank you for replying.
c'est la guerre