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windows atheros driver for wireless USB WPN111 adapter

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windows atheros driver for wireless USB WPN111 adapter


I'm looking for a newest W2k/XP ATHEROS driver for wireless USB WPN111 adapter.

I don't want to install any Netgear drivers

kind regards
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: windows atheros driver for wireless USB WPN111 adapter

Hello Chris !

Also refer: (cut Paste from one of the Netgear Forums)
To get it to work using WPA this is what i did.
uninstalled the new driver for the wpn111
reinstalled the old driver, that was shipped on the cd that came with the card, but did not run the setup from the cd. installed the driver by inserting the card in the usb slot, then when it said new hardware found i pointed it to the cd/dvd rom drive, this way only the driver is installed not the complete setup.

Then i installed the wireless update patch for windows xp

Then i configured my laptop to use the "Windows Wireless Zero" configuration.
usually if you have installed the drivers by running setup, the "Windows Wireless Zero" configuration utility will be disabled and you will use the netgear smart wizard to configure wpa2 but this does not work.
To make sure that the "Windows Wireless Zero" configuration utility is being used, you can check to make sure the "Windows Wireless Zero" service on the pc/laptop is started.
if it is in a stopped state, start it and when you try to configure the wireless settings on your pc, it will use windows to configure the wireless and you will have the option to use wpa/wpa2

Hope this helps !