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wipe out XP home

Occasional Contributor

wipe out XP home

I've XP on my laptop. Can I wipe out Xp and install win 2000 Server on it.
rob bergin
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Re: wipe out XP home

Hey D,

You may want to keep your posts under a single thread header (makes it less confusion).

You can wipe any operating systems and install any operating system. You won't be able to migrate your XP Home Laptop to Win2000 Pro and keep your data. You can migrate your XP Home to XP Pro.

Also - you may want to just install Win2000 do a different directory (dual boot) so

C:\windows - XP Home
c:\winnt - Win2k Pro

Good Luck and don't forget to consolidate your threads and assign points to your replies.

John Bolene
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Re: wipe out XP home

Can't imagine any reason for installing W2K server on a laptop except for maybe the cost if you already have a CD from work (may be violating licenses here also) otherwise the cost is much more than getting Win XP pro.

The problem would be in finding device drivers which are supported in XP (since it is already loaded) but may not be in W2K.
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