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zv5000z confusion, does it come w/ Mobile AMD 64 (or AMD 64)

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zv5000z confusion, does it come w/ Mobile AMD 64 (or AMD 64)

I have been seriously considering getting an AMD 64 laptop. My understanding is that the low voltage mobile AMD 64 chips have hit the market. When I tried to customize a laptop at, I only see the AMD Mobile-M or AMD 64 CPU processor options for the zv5000z laptop. According to this old eweek link (,1759,1636989,00.asp), HP is using Mobile AMD 64 (not just Mobile AMD) chips in the zv5000z series. Can anyone confirm or deny this ? If the zv5000z does not use Mobile AMD 64 CPU, how does the notebook perform in terms of thermal/heating issues. I mean have you purchased one, and does it heat up significantly especially with say an AMD 64 (non-mobile/mobile???) 3700+ processor ?

My existing ze5300 P4 2.66 has just bit the dust due to poor heat (handling) issues. I would like to get an AMD 64 laptop, but I do not wish to get burned (no pun intended!) again with the heating problems that many of the laptops suffer from. Feedback appreciated!
Ronald Postma
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Re: zv5000z confusion, does it come w/ Mobile AMD 64 (or AMD 64)

Hi DP,
Here is some info about this laptop:

Looks like a normal AMD to me, nothing about mobile there.

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