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Occasional Advisor


Hi ,

I have this quiry for longtime in my mind.

If i compile the TAL program we will get an object which is compatible to CISC instruction.

My question is :-


Whether it will work only on TNS ? 


 If it is compable of generating only on TNS object's then how it works on TNS-r,TNS-e machine?

 And also wat is the purpose of PTAL and EPTAL ? 
If you compile PTAL and EPTAL whether it give only appropriate instruction set will be produced (i.e PTAL for TNS-r objects and  EPTAL for TNS-e objects ) ?

Occasional Visitor


If you compile the program with the TAL compiler, the resulting object can be run on TNS, TNS-e, TNS-r.

It will not be compiled to an instruction set that is native to a TNS-e or TNS-r machine, so when it is run, it is effectively interpreted.


You can accelerate it using AXCEL (for TNS-r) or OCA (for TNS-e).


The ptal and eptal compilers are native-mode compilers, so they will compile the source to instructions that are native to the relevant hardware (TNS-r and TNS-e) respectively.