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perl for HP NonStop

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perl for HP NonStop

I have been asked to figure out if there exists a perl for the HP NonStop (previously known as Tandem NonStop, Compaq NonStop) platform. It is not listed among the 34 Supported Platforms in perldoc. There is a mention of it on the perl.perl5.porters mailing list a while back (Aug 2010) but I can find few other references than HP's own marketing material (2007) that contains broken links to their open source information pages.


Any knowledge into the subject is appreciated.


Thank you.



Re: perl for HP NonStop


I do know for a fact that perl does run on Tandem as I have used perl scripts before in an old job on an S88008 running G06.11 (i think).  It is not on my current systems (different company) G series or H series but that could just mean we did not purchase it or a related product.


I would check with your site's account rep and see if it an orderable item.



Jeff Boothe
FHLB of Dallas
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Re: perl for HP NonStop

Check out http://ituglib.connect-community.org/apps/Ituglib/SrchOpenSrcLib.jsf . It contains downloadbale binaries of various open source packages. Perl  5.8.7 can be downloaded too.