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R Manikandan
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Hi All,

We have some OVMS system which runs on 7.3-2 having ABS version 4.1. On the
OVMS nodes recently we had upgraded the DECNET IV to DECNET PLUS. After this
we found that backups were failing when we have the transport in ABS as TCPIP.
Rather when we change the Transport to DECNET it works fine. Can you please
suggest something about this.

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Hello and welcome to ITRC.

I'd suggest upgrading ABS, as the OpenVMS software rollout reports currently only go as far back as V4.2 -- and V4.4 (or the V4.4A ECO?) looks to be the current release of ABS.

According to an ABS V4.1 SPD, V4.1 is not listed as supported with V7.3-2 -- that might well have changed after that SPD was released, but the newest version listed in the SPD was OpenVMS Alpha V7.3. It's old.

If you're on a supported release of ABS and seeing failures, a call to HP would be warranted -- there's not much to go on here around the particular failure. These sorts of things usually generate diagnostics or a dump or some other symptom.

Moving to DECnet-Plus (and specifically configured to operate over IP transport) might provide a work-around here, as that's usually transparent to applications expecting DECnet.

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC
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1. How many network interface have your system?. Version 4.3 and less don't support more then 1 tcpip interface on node. I don't know if version 4.4Eco1 support it. (We change all transports on all nodes to decnet and we dont' use tcpip for ABS/MDMS).

2. If you identify TCP/IP as a supported transport, you must define the TCP/IP fullname in the TCP/IP fullname field. These fullnames are normally in the format "". For example, SLOPER.CXO.CPQCORP.COM

If you identify DECnet as a transport, you need to specify a DECnet full name only if you are using DECnet-Plus (Phase V). In this case, enter the full name, which is normally in a format such as LOCAL:.node. If you are running DECnet Phase IV, do not specify a DECnet full name.