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AMDS and licensing on Itanium with FOE

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AMDS and licensing on Itanium with FOE



can somebody help us? We want to install AMDS on Itanium V8.2-1 (rx2620). We installed only license OPENVMS-I64-FOE and so we can't start amds.

Which license is needed for 8 systems and we need 1 Data Server on rx1600, also with FOE license?

Which license we need for Alpha V8.3 DS10 ?


kind regards


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Re: AMDS and licensing on Itanium with FOE

Back in that era of licensing, you need the OPENVMS-I64-EOE or OPENVMS-I64-MCOE license PAK for this package.


This changed with the newest permutations, where AMDS/AvailMan is now included with the OPENVMS-I64-BOE license PAK.

I don't know off-hand if the AMDS/AvailMan license was available separately, though (IIRC) it should be licensed with the cluster license on OpenVMS I64.


You'll probably be on the phone HP Customer Support Center or with your HP reseller figuring out how to acquire these PAKs.  That's the usual "fun" here.  (I'm working a similar issue now, and haven't yet received prices.)


(Insert standard question around the (un)availability of online software purchases here.)

(Insert standard comment about forum software bugs here.)

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Re: AMDS and licensing on Itanium with FOE

AFAIK you will need the license AVAIL-MAN (or EOE/MCOE/HAOE) for the Availability Manager Data Collector. The number of units will have to be equal to the number of cores (your HW and VMS version suggest PCL, per core license).


For your rx1600 you will need the same license. There is no special license for the Availability Manager Data Server.


The Availability Manager Data Analyzer is in FOE.


On Alpha you will need no other license than VMS itself.



Bill Hall
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Re: AMDS and licensing on Itanium with FOE



I believe the product number you need to purchase to add HP Availability Manager to your system is BA418BC.  There are variants of this license that depend on the cpu/socket core counts of the server(s).  Ask your VAR for costs for your specific servers.


You could upgrade your  "Operating Environment" FOE licenses, but I would expect that to be much more expensive, unless you find you need other licenses that are included in the Operating Enviroment licenses that Hoff mentioned.



Bill Hall
Occasional Advisor

Re: AMDS and licensing on Itanium with FOE

Thank you all for your input,


I will give my manager this information, so he can contact HP Account Manager to ask for the right license.