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Access an SQL Server database

Occasional Contributor

Access an SQL Server database


Is it possible to access an SQL Server database from a process running on OpenVMS written in C using ODBC.

So does it exist ODBC driver for Open VMS to be used for accessing SQL Server.

Craig A Berry
Honored Contributor

Re: Access an SQL Server database

I believe Attunity, OpenLink, Easysoft, and CONNX all do or did have ODBC client packages available for VMS. If a supported commercial package, one potentially requiring purchase and installation of a server-side component as well as client-side (OpenVMS) drivers, appeals to you, you might want to contact those vendors.

I've also had some success, though not particularly recent, using the FreeTDS ODBC driver with the unixODBC driver manager. These are free open source packages and require nothing on the server side other than a database account.

You might want to search the archives of this forum for FreeTDS and/or ODBC.
Ian Miller.
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Re: Access an SQL Server database

Thanks to Ruslan Laishev a freeTDS library for VMS is available at
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Craig A Berry
Honored Contributor

Re: Access an SQL Server database

Nothing wrong with Ruslan's version of FreeTDS except its age. It's 0.53. Current stable release is 0.64, available from http://www.freetds.org and builds out of the box on VMS.
Chris Barratt
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Re: Access an SQL Server database

as an alternative...

We are doing it using JDBC.
It's a bit more roundabout, but seems to be working.... Pascal program, calls C which sets up JVM and interfaces to Java routines for accessing remote SQL Server database.

I think we are only doing simple updates to a single table, but it seems to be working fine.