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Acquiring OpenVMS media

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Gregg Parmentier
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Acquiring OpenVMS media

I recently added software media support back onto our OpenVMS contract (a previous admin was overly frugal.) The only version of VMS that shows as available with the SUM is 8.3.

We're currently running 7.1 and we only have 7.1-2 and 7.2 media available. None of these can upgrade directly to 8.3. I'd like to look at the following upgrade path (to get HDS support):

7.1 => 7.2 => 7.3-1 => 8.2

Where/how do I get media for 7.3-1 and 8.2? I'm not seeing any links at the SUM for asking questions like this.
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Re: Acquiring OpenVMS media

This would be a special kit order for the particular version, and would require discussions with the HP reseller or HP representative.

But before you go that route...

The upgrade paths are in the OpenVMS FAQ. (The current copy of that document is over at the HoffmanLabs web site.)

Per the list of upgrade paths in the OpenVMS FAQ, you can upgrade from V7.1-2 to V7.2, and from there directly to V7.3-2, and then directly to V8.3; to the current release.

I've just confirmed the V7.2 to V7.3-2 jump with the contents of the document: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/732FINAL/aa-rv8za-te/aa-rv8za-te.HTMl

So you don't need to find V7.3-1. You can use your V7.2 kit where required, and your (new) V7.3-2 kit, and your (new) V8.3 kit. As both V7.3-2 and V8.3 are supported releases (with PVS and CVS status, respectively), so getting these kits through the reseller or rep will be rather easier.

If you have a support contract in place, you may well be able to download these V7.3-2 and V8.3 kits via FTP, as HP has been offering downloads to services customers. Once you get contract support access re-established, I'd ask about and look at the FTP site.

Stephen Hoffman
Gregg Parmentier
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Re: Acquiring OpenVMS media

Jan van den Ende
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Re: Acquiring OpenVMS media


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Gregg Parmentier
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Re: Acquiring OpenVMS media

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