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Advanced Server 7.3B - someone gave the same ?

Ruslan R. Laishev
Super Advisor

Advanced Server 7.3B - someone gave the same ?

$ admin
LANGROUP\\DTV3> sho user cc_rrl /full
%PWRK-E-ERRGETUSER, error getting information for user "CC_RRL"
-LM-E-ERROR_ACCESS_DE, insufficient privileges for attempted operation

Username: cc_rrl
The server \\DTV3 successfully logged you on as CC_RRL.
Your privilege level on domain LANGROUP is ADMIN.
The last time you logged on was 05/29/08 12:22 PM.

LANGROUP\\DTV3> sho user cc_rrl /full

LANGROUP\\DTV3> sho user cc_rrl
%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=00, virtual address=0000000000000021, PC=000000000004AF68, PS=0000001B %TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows
image module routine line rel PC abs PC
PWRK$MANAGER MAN_USER ShowUsers 31095 0000000000001728 000000000004AF68
30260 0000000000000564 0000000000049DA4
DCL 0 000000000009BCF0 000000007AF67CF0
0 FFFFFFFF80084198 FFFFFFFF80084198
DCL ? ?
0 FFFFFFFF80084198 FFFFFFFF80084198
PWRK$MGTLIBSHR 0 000000000003D374 0000000000333374
17864 000000000000029C 000000000030660C
PWRK$MANAGER MANAGER Manager 56410 00000000000003E0 00000000000403E0
6673 0000000000000104 0000000000124674
? ?
PWRK$MANAGER MTS$MAIN main 5678 00000000000000D8 0000000000060198
PWRK$MANAGER MTS$MAIN __main 0 0000000000000070 0000000000060130
0 FFFFFFFF80385CE4 FFFFFFFF80385CE4 %TRACE-I-END, end of TRACE stack dump $
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Advanced Server 7.3B - someone gave the same ?

Here it works as expected:

SAP01_DOMAIN\\SAP01> sh user rohwe2/fu
%PWRK-E-LOGONREQUIRED, you must be logged on to perform the requested operation

SAP01_DOMAIN\\SAP01> login rohwe2
The server \\SAP01 successfully logged you on as ROHWE2.
Your privilege level on domain SAP01_DOMAIN is ADMIN.
The last time you logged on was 06/06/08 11:14 AM.

SAP01_DOMAIN\\SAP01> sh user rohwe2/fu

User accounts in domain "SAP01_DOMAIN":

User Name Full Name Type Description
-------------------- -------------------- ------ ----------------------------
ROHWE2 Karl Rohwedder Global GOE-26 (iT-Ingenieurteam)
User profile:
Logon script:
What version to you have:
SAP01_Roh. pwvers

Information on Advanced Server for OpenVMS images installed on this system:

Image Name Image Version Link date Linker ID
------------------------------ ---------------- ----------------- -------------
PWRK$MASTER V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 18:52 A11-20
PWRK$NBDAEMON V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:13 A11-20
PWRK$KNBDAEMON V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:14 A11-20
PWRK$STREAMSOS_V8 V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:06 A11-20
NETBIOS V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:10 A11-20
NETBIOSSHR V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:11 A11-20
PWRK$LICENSE_SERVER V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:24 A11-20
PWRK$ADMIN_LIC V7.3-200B 15-SEP-2006 00:21 A11-20
PWRK$LICENSE_LIBSHR V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:23 A11-20
PWRK$LICENSE_MGMTSHR V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:23 A11-20
PWRK$LICENSE_REGISTRAR V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:24 A11-20
PWRK$LMAPISHR V7.3-200B-PS005 15-MAY-2007 18:06 A11-20
PWRK$LMRPCXNPSHR V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 22:27 A11-20
PWRK$LMSRV V7.3-200B-PS005 15-MAY-2007 18:29 A11-20
PWRK$LMMCP V7.3-200B-PS005 15-MAY-2007 18:31 A11-20
PWRK$LMBROWSER V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 22:35 A11-20
PWRK$MONITOR V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:20 A11-20
PWRK$MANAGER V7.3-200B-PS005 15-MAY-2007 18:19 A11-20
PWRK$ADMIN_CFG V7.3-200B 15-SEP-2006 00:18 A11-20
PWRK$MGTLIBSHR V7.3-200B-PS005 15-MAY-2007 18:17 A11-20
PWRK$WINLIBSHR V7.3-200B 14-SEP-2006 19:38 A11-20

Pls. note the -PS005 patched images, we got from HP some times ago.

Perhaps you should start a call.

regards Kalle
Brad McCusker
Respected Contributor

Re: Advanced Server 7.3B - someone gave the same ?

You have to escalate this to HP. Wish I had the V7.3B listings - I'd love to know what they broke ;^).

I don't think the -PS005 patched images are related. While there are situations where the ADMIN tool does use the APISHR, I don't think it is in this case.

I notice that your domain is "LANGROUP" - is that really the name of your domain? That is usually a sign that your server isn't reading the registry correctly, or, otherwise is not sure what domain it is supposed to be a part of. That isn't an excuse for the ACCVIO - I'm just asking to be sure you recognize a different possible problem.

Brad McCusker

Software Concepts International
Brad McCusker
Software Concepts International
Paul Nunez
Respected Contributor

Re: Advanced Server 7.3B - someone gave the same ?


I can't recall a similar problem.

What happens if you try to list all users:

$ admin show users

If you get a chance you may want to check if the SAM is corrupt:

$ @sys$startup:pwrk$define_commands
$ pwstop cluster
$ samcheck -s

If it reports any problems, the SAM is corrupt and will need to be fixed. Sometimes the following does the trick:

$ samcheck -r

If not, let us know what role (PDC, BDC, or Member server) the server is configured for and we can provide other recovery options.

Ruslan R. Laishev
Super Advisor

Re: Advanced Server 7.3B - someone gave the same ?

Hi All!

I had got from HP the asv73b-ps011.zip, it solved the problem.

Thanks to All!