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Australia Daylight Savings

matthew robey
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Australia Daylight Savings

The Oz government have decided to extend daylight savings (after the olympics, commonwealth games etc).

After editing sys$common:[sys$zoneinfo.system.sources]australasia.; to include the new daylight savings dates,

Rule AN 2001 max - Oct lastSun 2:00s 1:00 -


Rule AN 2007 only - Oct lastSun 2:00s 1:00 -

Change line

Rule AN 2007 max - Mar lastSun 2:00s 0 -


Rule AN 2007 only - Mar lastSun 2:00s 0 -

add lines at the end of the section.

Rule AN 2008 max - Oct Sun>=1 2:00s 1:00 -
Rule AN 2008 max - Apr Sun>=1 2:00s 0 -

and then doing:

zic -v -d sys$common:[sys$zoneinfo.system] australasia

"australasia", line 64: warning: starting year too low to be represented

"australasia", line 65: warning: starting year too low to be represented

"australasia", line 66: warning: starting year too low to be represented

"australasia", line 66: warning: ending year too low to be represented

"australasia", line 67: warning: starting year too low to be represented

the above error messages appear.

(Note that these lines are not ones which have change, and all have dates prior to 1970)

Then when running UTC$TIME_SETUP, the SYS$TIMEZONE_RULE logical does not change.

OS is OpenVMS V8.2, AUTO_DLIGHT_SAV = 1, and nop DTSS.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Australia Daylight Savings

It looks like you missed the COPY step.

Here's a write-up on using zic on OpenVMS:

Quick digging into the "starting year too low to be represented"... An initial look at the zic code (zic 1.22 2007/10/26 is what I found) shows this error has been removed from more recent releases, and the code in this area reworked. If (after the COPY) the current version and current build of the TZ rules does not work, I'd be tempted to try zic with a newer release or try building a newer zic with this release.

Here's how to build zdump, which can be a useful diagnostic tool here (and it might also help you build zic):

If a software support contract is in force here, avail yourself of the benefits of your expenditures. Regional support centers have tended to have had newer TZ definitions available.

Your "OpenVMS V8.2" meaning OpenVMS Alpha V8.2 here, I'll assume. Definitely install either the VMS82A_UPDATE V10.0 ECO kit, or the TDF and TZ kits, on the off chance that one of these includes updated tables here. (The other approach is to take a look at the widgets in V8.3 -- if you have that kit around -- and see if those have the fix here, and mayhap newer zic and friends.)

Or many of the nice folks visiting here in ITRC can deal with the TZ "fun" here for you off-line.

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Australia Daylight Savings

Hi Matt,

Contact the Sydney Customer Support Centre for "official" updated timezone definitions.

Alternatively, find a copy of FIXTIMEZONE.COM distributed in the past, with each timezone change. It includes all the necessary steps (and some which probably aren't necessary any longer, but won't hurt!) to update and recompile local time zone update.
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matthew robey
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Re: Australia Daylight Savings

Hi All,

Managed to get new source files, so now everything ready for April !