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Availability Manager Analyzer

Barry Kierstein II
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Availability Manager Analyzer

This is just a note to let you know of some work that was done for the AM V3.0-2 release.

Since the Analyzer is pretty much just Java code, and with the advent of the Server, you can try runnng the Analyzer on other platforms than Windows or OpenVMS. Note: This is NOT A SUPPORTED configuration. Do NOT ask HP for support on the following. This information is supplied by myself (as a private individual and no longer an HP employee), and does not represent HP in any way.

With that out of the way...

If you take the *.JAR files from the installed kit, and use the $ JAVA command from the AMDS$AM_RUN.COM file (sans the pixmap qualifier), you can run the Analyzer on Linux, etc. I have done this on Linux, and I believe that it should work on other platforms. I did some work to detect if the RMI file is there or not, and adjust. Running on another platform, you can only connect to a server - there is not a protocol driver to connect the Analyzr to a local network adapter.

Again, this is not a supported configuration, but if you want to try this on your own, I thought I'd share the information.

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Re: Availability Manager Analyzer


Thanks for sharing this very useful tip!