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%BACKUP-F-CLUSTER, unsuitable cluster factor redux

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Ian Miller.
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Re: %BACKUP-F-CLUSTER, unsuitable cluster factor redux

A way that fixes get packaged as patches and release is that customers with support contracts ask for the fix and if enough support customers do that then the patch is released to all support customers.
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Re: %BACKUP-F-CLUSTER, unsuitable cluster factor redux

Except that this particular problem prevented VMS BACKUP from handling legitimate disk sizes. Thus, everyone using OpenVMS VAX 7.3 should get the patch, support contract or not.
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Re: %BACKUP-F-CLUSTER, unsuitable cluster factor redux

Hi Brian, (this is Carl Friedberg) I only recently began reading ITRC, and just finished this story. During our long use of an HSZ50 (way more than 10 years), we never had a situation like the one you describe with the HSJ. We did have a few controller failures, bad cache batteries, and disks failed about once a month. I never, ever, used anything but RAID 1; I wanted the better performance of RAID 1 over RAID 5. I went through a long, painful series of steps to upgrade disks, from 4GB to 9 GB to 18 GB to 36 GB (and the HSZs were limited to a small number of those, 2 in each disk shelf, IIRC). However, we never lost a bit of data, nor ever had any forced errors, so far as I know. I am also happy that we had DEC, then compaq, then HP hardware and software support (and until he was laid off by HP last year, we had the same experienced hardware engineer).

If you ever are fortunate enough to acquire an EVA, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to manage all of this.

I am glad to hear that HP engineering addressed the backup issue on VMS 7.x release, and made it available to a customer without a support contract.
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