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CPU Migration

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CPU Migration


I have a ES47 server with Openvms 7.3-2 it has 1 hard partion and 2 soft partitions. I tried to migrate a cpu from 1 partion to another partion using SET CPU/MIGRATE command and the cpu leaves from the soruce to destn but it goes to "Timeout" state in the dstn system hence its is not usable. Later when I power off both partions followed by a reboot it comes to RUN state in original partition without any issues. Is there any way to overcome this situvation or is there any way to migrate the CPU from 1 soft partion to another soft partion from MBM if yes please let me know the steps.
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Re: CPU Migration

What are your licensed units for each instance?

2.4 OpenVMS Galaxy License Enforcement

In an OpenVMS Galaxy computing environment, the OPENVMS-GALAXY license units are checked during system startup and whenever a CPU reassignment between instances occurs.

If you attempt to start a CPU and there are insufficient OPENVMS-GALAXY license units to support it, the CPU will remain in the instance's configured set but it will be stopped. You can subsequently load the appropriate license units and start the stopped CPU while the system is running. This is true of one or more CPUs.

Steps are in here: