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CXX V6.5-034

Honored Contributor

CXX V6.5-034

ALpha Vms 7.3-1

My customer needs CXX version V6.5-034.

When I install CXX, I have the version 6.5-004.

Now I have got 2 files with the same name CXXAE0165, coming from

(at differents moments I suppose)

that give me 6.5-041 and 6.5-042.

How do I get 6.5-034 ?

Thanks for any hint
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: CXX V6.5-034

whats the dependency on 6.5-034 which 6.5-042 does not meet?
Purely Personal Opinion
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Re: CXX V6.5-034

my customer has a site running fine with -034, and as long as this has been validated, wants his other sites (where I am) running the same version. He does not want to validate again his soft.
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: CXX V6.5-034

Gerard (?)

If you log a case with your local customer support centre, they MAY be able to locate a specific version compiler kit for you. Not all micro revisions are necessarily retained or published, and it depends on the specialist if you can convince them it's important enough to go hunting.

If your customer has a site with a specific version, then they must have had a kit for it at some time. Perhaps you can locate it? If they're so fussy about versions, then THEY need to maintain copies.

What I don't understand is why this matters. This kind of attitude is qualification gone crazy. What kind of problems do they think they're avoiding? Look at the problems they're CREATING! Remember that object code between compiler versions and languages is 100% compatible. You DON'T need to have everything compiled with the same version.

Compilers only ever get better, they only take a few minutes to install and don't require a reboot. The only difference between dash release compilers is bugfixes. By definition -042 has less bugs than -041 or -034.

I'd be recommending the customer installs the -042 version on all nodes they want to compile on. After all, if the customer finds any kind of support issue with the -034 compiler the FIRST step will be to test the problem against the latest compiler.

Engineering won't even READ a problem description on an older compiler, ESPECIALLY one that was never formally released.

Note that CXX has an installation option to retain the old compiler version. Please use it! Execute @SYS$SYSTEM:CXX$SET_VERSION to select which one you want to use, by SYSTEM, GROUP or PROCESS. I recommend you keep ALL old compiler versions. You can then flip between versions in seconds.

If the customer is insistent on using -034, then they could install an earlier version (say 6.5-004) then COPY the compiler image for V6.5-034 to SYS$SYSTEM:CXX$COMPILER_V06_05-034.EXE. You will then be able to use @SYS$SYSTEM:CXX$SET_VERSION to select it. Use @SYS$SYSTEM:CXX$SHOW_VERSION to see what versions you've got.

Indeed, I'd recommend you install -041 AND -042 as well, so they're ready in case you want to report something. You can select -034 as the system wide default.

Best of all worlds, you use the version you want, but if any problems are found, you can try both older and newer versions to see if it's fixed.
A crucible of informative mistakes
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Re: CXX V6.5-034

The other site has eventually sent us the mythical (!) -034.

Thanks to all
Honored Contributor

Re: CXX V6.5-034

Problem solved