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Can VMS access the Virtual Connect network name?

Jeremy Begg
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Can VMS access the Virtual Connect network name?

I suspect this is a question for HP support but here goes ...


We are configuring a number of identical BL860c i2 blades in a C7000 enclosure.


In the HP Virtual Connect Manager we have configured 12 Ethernet Networks and each BL860c shares access to six of those networks.


Having configured two blades so far, we have noticed that the same VMS EW devices get associated with the same VC networks which is encouraging but we're not sure how this happens in practice.


It would be nice if the system startup procedure could query each VMS EWc0: device (EWA0, EWB0, etc) to get the name of the Virtual Connect network to which the device has been mapped.  Is this information available to VMS?



Jeremy Begg


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Re: Can VMS access the Virtual Connect network name?

If there's anything here, it's not AFAIK integrated into VMS.  


Call HP Support.  See if they have a tool add-on, or suggestions.


The locally-created brute-force solutions would involve finger-printing via the IP addresses and subnet masks (assuming that those vary by network) or implementing an active mechanism using a multicast notification mechanism; something like Bonjour would work here and libraries are available, as would a brute-force multicast "pinger" using your own non-Bonjour protocol.


See if Wireshark sees anything interesting and network-identifying within the active traffic; HP might have their own "pingers" running.