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Can't start Apache with Oracle10g on OpenVMS

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Re: Can't start Apache with Oracle10g on OpenVMS

I want to start a new thread about this problem.
Which family/catagory do you think I should post this problem in?
Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: Can't start Apache with Oracle10g on OpenVMS

To summerize:

Alpha has Oracle 9 --> works.
Itanium has Oracle 10 --> doesn't work.

Anyone knowing Oracle should be able to pinpoint a difference in the OCI handling of passwords: has something changed there? (My Oracle knowledge stops with Oracle 7).
Reason for this: I think libclntsh is an Oracle module, likely to be installed and called by PHPOCI8. This is where the problem occurs (routine lxhcsn).

To check this, access the Alpha-based database from the Itanium: It should encounter the same problem. Accessing the Itanium database from the Alpha however, would succced (in this matter).
If so, the problem is located in the interaction between PHPSHR/PHPOCI8 and the Oracle lxhcsn routine.

This is something that HP / Oracle should be aware of.
Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager