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Cant Set Host

Hi every1,


i have a alpha ds15 server loaded with vms7.3-2 and TCPIP V5.4-15.  when i do a $ucx sh host, i get the following.


$ ucx sho host
%TCPIP-E-HOSTERROR, cannot process host request
-TCPIP-W-NORECORD, information not found
-RMS-E-EOF, end of file detected


Please advise how can i fix this. I want to add the localhost to it.  Thanks

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Cant Set Host

> [...] vms7.3-2 and TCPIP V5.4-15. [...]

   As usual, showing actual commands with their actual output can be
more helpful than vague descriptions or interpretations.

      tcpip show version

> Please advise how can i fix this. [...]

   That may depend on how you got into this state.

> [...] I want to add the localhost to it. [...]

   The default hosts data base should already contain an entry for
"localhost".  Did you try to edit the hosts database file?  (Not a good

      dire /full TCPIP$HOST

Does it say "File organization:  Indexed, Prolog: 3, Using 2 keys

   If you've damaged "SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]TCPIP$HOST.DAT;1", then you
might try deleting it, and using:
      tcpip create host
to make a proper one.  Of course, I have no idea what will then be
missing from your new hosts data base, but if you stick with "set host"
and/or "convert /vms host" commands, then you might be able to
reconstruct something useful.


Re: Cant Set Host

Thanks Mr Steve.



I manage to get it fixed with you help. Thanks once again.




Re: Cant Set Host

I did a


dire /full TCPIP$HOST


to get the location of the file and then set default to that file. I opened the SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]TCPIP$HOST.DAT;1 and checked what was the file organisation. it was not Indexed, Prolog: 3, Using 2 keys.


For backup reason reason i copied the tcpip$host.dat file and then deleted the file.


Later i created a new TCPIP$HOST file using TCPIP CREATE HOST. it worked fine after that.