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Cdrecord, DS15s, and VMS 7.3-1, CD creation

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Paul Heller
Occasional Advisor

Cdrecord, DS15s, and VMS 7.3-1, CD creation

I have (finally) setup a new factory fresh DS15 which came with the Field install s/w load - with VMS 7.3-1 including the new SYS$MANAGER:CDRECORD.COM (and cdrecord.exe version 1.10), etc. (the VMS version is dated as it took me a while to setup this particular box).

I can successfully read/write on this DS15 to an external SCSI DVD-RW drive (on a separate SCSI card/bus) as if it was a CD-RW using the supplied cdrecord s/w. So far, great... (and, yes, they do make SCSI DVD-RW's, they are just hard to find. I only played with this DVD-RW/CD-RW to verify cdrecord, etc, to provide trouble-shooting info AFTER I experienced the problem below).

BUT I cannot write to the OEM built-in DVD-ROM/CD-RW sitting on DQA0: using the installed cdrecord executable. On writing, cdrecord fails with two warning/errors:
error 0, set cd speed: scsi sendcmd retryable error
followed by: cmd finished after 0.000s timeout 40 s. cdrecord.exe : Cannot set speed/dummy.

I having manually manipulated cdrecord.exe (supplying no speed, etc) - but with no luck on writing. The scsi probe returns good data (vendor HL-DT-ST; id RW/DVD GCC-4480b) and the "-inq -prcap" returns tons of "proper" info about CD write characteristics. I have tried different CD-R media (that work fine in other CD-R drives) with no luck.

Any ideas? (hopefully not upgrade cdrecord and see what happens; I mean, HP supplied the combo drive and s/w after all)

Paul Heller
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Cdrecord, DS15s, and VMS 7.3-1, CD creation

do the following patch kits help

They are included in VMS731_UPDATE-V0500

and mention they should be installed on systems with CD-RW drives and CDRECORD.
Purely Personal Opinion
Paul Heller
Occasional Advisor

Re: Cdrecord, DS15s, and VMS 7.3-1, CD creation

Working - thanks!
Upgraded with current ALPHA_V731 eco kit (plus required PCSI upgrade, too). Everything now works. Thanks (I am a bit disappointed - I am so used to pre-installed VMS working out of the box on supplied h/w).

Thanks again,
Paul Heller
Occasional Advisor

Re: Cdrecord, DS15s, and VMS 7.3-1, CD creation

Provided upgrade to VMS731_UPDATE_V0500 allowed internal CDR drive to now work.