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Operating System - OpenVMS
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Changing the FQDN on OVMS 7.2-1 on Alpha.

Matthew Murdock
Frequent Advisor

Changing the FQDN on OVMS 7.2-1 on Alpha.

newbie on OVMS. I need to know how to change the Domainname of the system from alpha.a.com to be alpha.b.com. This is for OpenVMS 7.2-1. I kinda have it working in the tcpip name_service parmeters, but need to change it on the OS side of things. Thanks.

Andy Bustamante
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing the FQDN on OVMS 7.2-1 on Alpha.

The obligatory unsupported release note:  You're running an operating system and TCPIP version which have been out of support for almost 10 years.  In the base release of 7.2-1 there were issues, many of them resolved with patch kits.  The minimum supported operating system, VMS 7.3-2 includes some potentially significant performance improvements. 



There are several TCPIP stacks available which may be installed on your system. 


Try the following


$ sho logical/sys multinet*
$ sho logical/sys tcpware*

$ show log ucx*


$ show log tcpip*

$ tcpip show version


Assuming you have a DEC/Compaq/HP version of TCPIP Services (that's the last two items above) , from a privilged account, execute @sys$manager:tcpip$config and follow the menu for "Core Environment."  You may need to stop and start TCPIP Services, there are options in the menu.


There were several versions of TCPIP supported on OpenVMS 7.2-1.  If you have access to ECOs (patches) you should apply the latest support patch kit for your version of TCPIP. 





If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? Reach me at first_name + "." + last_name at sysmanager net
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Re: Changing the FQDN on OVMS 7.2-1 on Alpha.

VMS doesn't manage its host name at all well. 


Here's a list of all of what can be involved: Changing the host name of an OpenVMS server


Given you're "only" changing the domain name here, what you will have to deal with will be largely isolated to stuff that knows about IP.  And the biggest hassle among these IP-aware products tends to be Apache. 

Matthew Murdock
Frequent Advisor

Re: Changing the FQDN on OVMS 7.2-1 on Alpha.

thank you HOFF for that document. Running the @SYS$MANAGER:TCPIP$CONFIG.COM worked great.