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Re: Cluster aliase


Cluster aliase



We have a four nodes cluster running on openvms 7.3-2. Now we need to remove two nodes from existing cluster.


I wanted to know how shall I check cluster aliases configured on decnet and IP and the procedure for removing the same.

NETCU> show version
TCPware(R) V5.7-2 Copyright (c) 2005 Process Software

OpenVMS version V7.3-2   booted on  7-JUL-2012 12:18:29.00,
        running on a hp AlphaServer ES47 7/1150.

MAS number: <none entered in configuration>

NETCU> exit
PBK_RMSPR1>mc ncl
NCL>show ver

Node 0
at 2012-09-04-06:46:00.798+01:00Iinf


    Version                           = T5.0.3




Mrityunjoy Kundu -AST (TCS)
Honored Contributor

Re: Cluster aliase

Hi Mrityunjoy,


if you are going to be removing/renaming the 2 removed nodes, then you do not need to take any specific action. Neither the IP alias, nor the Decnet alias, are associated with a list of nodes - so the aliases would now apply only to the remaining nodes.


If you need to specifically remove the IP alias, then see the TCPWare documentation:




In there you will see:


Use the REMOVE SECONDARY command in the NETCU Command Reference to remove an alias added through ADD SECONDARY. If the system holds a cluster lock, use the /ABORT qualifier to force removal of the secondary address.


For a guide to the DECnet cluster address, see section 9.2 of this guide:




I would expect that you would run NET$CONFIGURE on the removed nodes anyway, as part of your exercise to rename/reconfigure them.






Re: Cluster aliase

Thanks ...

Mrityunjoy Kundu -AST (TCS)