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Configure Raid

Brian Fox_1
Occasional Contributor

Configure Raid

i need to know how to configure internal drives for RAID on an alpha ES40
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Configure Raid

That depends:
- do you have am internal RAID controller, read its assocoated manual

- if you use software RAID, socalled shadowing gives you RAID-1, you need a license, e.g. VOLSHAD, the manual is here http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/732FINAL/aa-pvxmj-te/aa-pvxmj-te.HTML

- another product Compaq RAID SW gives you RAID-0 and RAID-5 and can be combined with VOLSHAD to create RAID-0+1 arrays
Lawrence Czlapinski
Trusted Contributor

Re: Configure Raid

Brian, if you are shadowing the drives besides the shadowing license, you will also need to prepare the logical RAID drives as either system or data drive for shadowing. For our RAID array, the procedures are in the StorageWorks RAID Array 200 Online Management Utility for OpenVMS AXP Users Guide, AA-Q6WVB-TE. You may have a different Users Guide.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Configure Raid

Welcome to the VMS Forum. See

Some addtional information on your hardware and software environment would assist people in answering your questions.

What version of VMS, what raid controller if any?
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Anton van Ruitenbeek
Trusted Contributor

Re: Configure Raid


If you get the change: DON'T USE ANY RAID but use Host Based Shadowing !
If you are using HBVS, then you may try to use the disks for RAID.
This because using HBVS you got much more flexibility and control on VMS. If a RAID failes, you only can see if youre playing with the raid configurator or some external monitor tool. If a member of HBVS is missing you directy see on VMS. If a failure is on the drive, you can replace the defect one and mount this one on VMS whitout worying any RAIDs sets.

We have only JBODs. This for several, several years and the advantage is what I mentioned. On the windows and Unix site they are using RAID. If a member failed they have a lot of problems of placing the right drive in the right slot etc.

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