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Connecting AlphaServers

Connecting Alpha's
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Re: Connecting AlphaServers

Hi Robert,

the company I have been working for the last 10 years has memory test systems and some of them are very old and running under Vax and Alpha servers, I am new at being familiar with this VMS environment.

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Re: Connecting AlphaServers

How is the working computer (A2?) connected to the hub? Using a transceiver? Are the lights lit on this transceiver? Do the lights on the hub indicate that A2 is connected?

These transceivers *do* fail. What happens if you swap the transceivers between A1 and A2? Does the problem move?

WRT to BNC, which you also said did not work:

The BNC connecters of for thinwire ethernet aka 10base2. To use thinwire ethernet, you *do not need a hub*. You need:

o a length of thinwire cable less than 185 meters long. If you do not have real thinwire, RG58 is probably good enough.
o two Tee connectors
o two terminators

Assemble them like this:

terminator - tee - cable - tee - terminator

Connect each tee to an alpha.

If you did not assemble the cabling like this, that probably explains why it did not work.

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Re: Connecting AlphaServers

What do you mean when you say that the alphas are not connected to a network and you also say that they are connected to an ethernet hub?
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Re: Connecting AlphaServers


earlier you mentioned ">>>BOOT EWA0" which implies a cluster satellite boot. Then later you said "locally from the A1 disk"???

Let me guess. These are standalone systems and occassionally they are connected - just two of them - to copy files over for backup purposes.

And I guess A1 and A2 are NOT in a VAXcluster, just standalone systems.


Can you boot A1 from the local disk? If not what is the error message (on the console)?

Ditto for A2.

Once the two systems are up we can focus on the link between the two.

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Re: Connecting AlphaServers

Swap the disks from the dead box to the live box. Done.
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Re: Connecting AlphaServers

Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do?

- If system A1 normally boots from a local disk, why do you want to boot over the network to do your restore?

- Are you trying to boot the system into a cluster so that you can mount a remote disk?

- Is system A2 the system that will respond to the boot request over the network?

- How is your backup stored? Is it in a saveset on disk?

Dave Williams

- What is the actual procedure once you get the two systems talking on the network?