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Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

Manoranjan Rout
Occasional Visitor

Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)


I am a new user of OVMS. Can anyone tell me if there is a console log available in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha). What I mean to say is some failure events are displayed on the console of the server, if this messages are logged in a file it can be referred at a later time.

I wanted to know if there is a log and how it can be seen.

Thanks in advance.
Kris Clippeleyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

Have a look at

Also see the "HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual, Volume 2" at


(chapter 6: Getting Information About the System)

Hope this helps.

Kris (aka Qkcl)
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Bob Blunt
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Re: Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

Manoranjan, it would be most helpful to have examples of the messages you're getting. Is the machine running OpenVMS when you get these messages? There are ways to configure a system that can define how O/S-generated messages are handled and saved. There may also be some dependency on the *type* system because on Alpha workstations (systems with a graphics device in general) those messages may not appear on the workstation head automatically. The simplest way to check is to do a $ SHOW LOGICAL OPC* and post the results. If none are defined then the default behavior should be in place.

Also you can check for the existence in SYS$MANAGER of OPERATOR.LOG If you have one or some of those you can $ TYPE/TAIL to view the last few entries. You can also supply a numeric value for /TAIL to increase or decrease the number of lines from the end you view.

There are some rare situations where you can get messages from the Alpha itself at the console and these are not usually logged by OPCOM or into OPERATOR.LOG In those rare circumstances you'd have to setup other tools to watch for and record those sorts of messages.

Andy Bustamante
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Re: Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

Hardware errors are stored in ERRLOG.SYS. see help for


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Re: Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

Yes, there is just such a log.

No, there is no such log.

Yes, this is trivial, and you can look in a file.

No, there is no ubiquitous central logging mechanism.

Yes, there are many ways to log information.

No, this requires rebuilding the application.

No, VMS has no analog to syslog/syslogd, nor to the /var/log implementation common on various Unix platforms, if that's what you're looking for.

Yes, VMS does have mechanisms for retrieving a few diagnostics messages.

No, VMS does not have an integrated modern console mechanism.

Yes, VMS can have connect to an external console system and logging retrofit, via tools such as tmux or screen or various commercial products, using another server.

No, your question is not a simple one.

Yes, you will want to provide more details around the messages and the requirements and what console message(s) you're looking to track.
Manoranjan Rout
Occasional Visitor

Re: Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

Thanks Kris, Bob and Andy for your replies.

I am seeing following messages on the Console on OpenVMS server while I disable a path to storage (Connected to HBA - PGA0 having an alternate path - PGB0):

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 21-MAR-2011 03:58:40.38 %%%%%%%%%%%
03:58:40.31 Multipath access to device $1$DGA3: has been auto switched from path PGA0.5007-0E80-06CF-0122 (MS4) to path PGB0.5007-0E80-06CF-0132 (MS4)

I am seeing this message on the console while OpenVMS is running on the server.
I am not seeing these messages on the "sys$manager:operator.log" file.

I am not used to the utility : $ ANALYZE/ERROR_LOG/ELV

Anyway thank you all for your replies.
Honored Contributor

Re: Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

There is no central logging mechanism on OpenVMS, so you can stop looking for that now.

To address your specific question, see the following resources:


What happens with the console and with the operator log depends on the settings of the console and of the log itself.

Page 194: 6.5 Setting Up, Maintaining, and Printing the Operator Log File

Page 191: 6.4 Using the Error Log Viewer (ELV)

ELV usually contains a few general messages, and errors.

For background on OPCOM and the OPA0: console, see:


Page 48: 2.4 Using OPCOM to Communicate with System Users

Particularly also see page 48: 2.4.4 Controlling the Use of OPA0: as an Operator Terminal

and then view the contents of the SYS$MANAGER:SYLOGICALS.COM file and the SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE file that is briefly discussed there.

The OpenVMS manuals (now almost entirely in PDF format) are at:


As a new VMS user, start with the User's Guide first. Then (for system management tasks) see the System Manager's manuals. That's a two-volume set.

Searching PDF files on a Mac OS X box is blindingly fast using Spotlight, so download the PDF files for the manuals directly to your local box, and use those for reference. (Windows 7 seems to have a speedy search, too. (What's available in the older versions of Windows for searching, well, isn't particularly useful.)

Manoranjan Rout
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Re: Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

Hi Hoff,

Thank you very much for all you tips, and time.

Thank you all.

The Brit
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Re: Console Log in OVMS 8.4 (Alpha)

Hi Manoranjan,

The message you showed is perfectly normal. It is an informational message which just informs you that the path to the storage has changed. You would get the same kind of message if you used a

$ set device /path=xxxxxx /switch