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Contents of NAS bundles

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Stephen Harvey
Occasional Contributor

Contents of NAS bundles

Is there a table somewhere that shows what software is included in the NAS bundles ?

I'd rather not go through all the SPD - is there a table that pulls it all together ?
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Contents of NAS bundles

I would rather no read documentation either but the SPD is the definition of what is included

Here are two to get you started
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Fekko Stubbe
Valued Contributor

Re: Contents of NAS bundles

I am not sure if it is the correct info, but I normally look in SYS$UPDATE:VMSINSTAL_LMFGROUPS.COM
Shriniketan Bhagwat
Trusted Contributor

Re: Contents of NAS bundles


Below links may be useful.


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Re: Contents of NAS bundles

Here is the info from a cheat sheet that I created in 1998. Maybe this helps. It only lists the components that I was interested in at the time so it is not a complete list. This information came from the SPDs.
Please verify to be sure that I have not made any errors.

NAS400 - DECWindows-Motif, DECnet Full-function, VAXcluster, DECForms-RT, Volume Shadowing, ACMS-RT, RMS Journaling

NAS300 - DECWindows-Motif, DECnet Full-function, VAXcluster, DECForms-RT

NAS250 - DECWindows-Motif, DECnet End-node, VAXcluster,DECForms-RT

NAS200 - DECWindows-Motif, DECnet End-node

John Gillings
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Re: Contents of NAS bundles


There are three answers.

The first, and simplest is "not really". You won't find any formal, official document which states clearly and simply what NAS bundles mean. Why make it simple for customers to understand what they're buying?

The second is technical, the third is legal/administrative. Unfortunately, they're not always the same!

Technically, SYS$UPDATE:VMSINSTAL_LMFGROUPS.COM tells you which products a particular group PAK will enable. This is what LMF actually uses to map group PAKs onto products. The lists may be iterative.

SEARCH the file for a PAK name (like "NET-APP-SUP-400") to find lists of PAKs the group PAK expands to. Some of them may be groups themselves (for example UCX).

Thus, if you have a group PAK REGISTERed and LOADed on your system, with sufficient units, LMF will allow activation of any of the products on the list.

The legal/administrative list can only be gleaned (painfully) from reading the relevant SPD.

HOWEVER, for reasons which make no sense to a mere engineer, such as myself, there are occasional cases where the technical list may include products which are not included in the SPD.

That means, sometimes a NAS PAK will "allow" to use a product to which the admin folk will tell you you're not entitled.

These days I doubt there are many folk left within HP who can remember what NAS bundles are or how they work. There were few enough who had any idea when they were a sellable product, more than 10 years ago!
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Edwin Gersbach_2
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Re: Contents of NAS bundles


In addition to Johns reply you should note that the script he mentions is used for checks in product installation and similar tasks only. The actual license check when a product is invoked is done by a executable image.

So, cheating by adding products to the list in the script does not work.