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Cross-architecture PRODUCT INSTALL

Jeremy Begg
Trusted Contributor

Cross-architecture PRODUCT INSTALL



We have a VMScluster which contains Alpha nodes running VMS 8.3 and Integrity nodes running VMS 8.4, all connected to a SAN.


Assuming the Integrity system disk is $1$DGA2: and the nodes which boot off that disk are shut down, can we run the following commands on an Alpha node to install a VMS patch onto the Integrirty system disk?


$ mount $1$dga2: i64sys pcsi$sysdevice

$ define pcsi$specific pcsi$sysdevice:[sys0.]

$ define pcsi$destination pcsi$sysdevice:[vms$common]

$ product install vms84i_update /source='f$env("DEFAULT")' /remote


I tried it but PCSI warned that the kit was for IA64 (not surprising) but the warning didn't clarify if the local (Alpha) system disk would be modified in any way.




Jeremy Begg

Honored Contributor

Re: Cross-architecture PRODUCT INSTALL

This is a question for HP support, and of what and whether they consider that sequence supported.


My guess here would be "no", as (for instance) some of the PCSI kits I write will check the system architecture and install the appropriate images and tools, and it's a good bet that they'd here misidentify the architecture and would install the Alpha images onto the Integrity.