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DCPS 2.7 & Kyocera Printers (FS-9530DN)

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DCPS 2.7 & Kyocera Printers (FS-9530DN)



Does anybody have any experience with getting DCPS 2.7 to print from Kyocera printers? We have a customer who use DCPS 2.7 with their current HP 9050's. They are planning to upgrade to Kyocera FS-9530's but during testing, when sending a RAW TCP print job to the printer, the queue entry remains in the "Printing" state and eventually times out and becomes "stalled". Question is:

* Can DCPS 2.7 support Kyocera printers?

* Is there a way for DCPS 2.7 to do a 'print to file' in order to capture the raw data being sent so it can be analysed?

* Is there any way we can get this printer working with DCPS 2.7?


Assistance is appreciated....