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DE500, DE600 and LAN failover

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DE500, DE600 and LAN failover

Hi folks,

We're planning to test the LAN failover feature of OVMS v7.3-2. Currently, our test server is an ES40 on OpenVMS v7.3-1 and TCP/IP v5.3-ECO 4. This node also has 2 DE500-AA NICs on it.

1. VMS documentation mentioned that only DEGPA, DEGXA and DE600 NICs are supported for LAN failover. What are the hardware compatibility for these NICs? Will our ES40 be able to use these, specifically, DE600?

2. Eventhough non-supported, has anyone had a successful LAN failover testing/implementation using a DE500 NIC?

3. As a side question, I'm also looking on testing the failSAFE IP solution, and this one requires TCP/IP v5.4. What is the OS compatibility for this particular version of TCP/IP?

Thanks in advance for your help folks!
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: DE500, DE600 and LAN failover

> 3. [...]

The SPD is probably the authority, but the
release notes for TCPIP V5.4 say:

Operating Systems: HP OpenVMS Alpha
Versions 7.3-1 and 7.3-2

I run it (with ECO 5) on 7.3-2.
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Re: DE500, DE600 and LAN failover

Thanks Steven. Will check out furher on this.
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: DE500, DE600 and LAN failover


1. DE500 LAN failover support has been added in VMS732_LAN-V0300 (see chapter
6.1.4 LAN Failover Support for DE500-BA in the patch release notes)

2. see 1

So if you install the current VMS732_UPDATE-V0600 kit, which you would always want to do after upgrading to V7.3-2, you are all set regarding LAN failover and DE500 support.

This type of information is NOT found in the SPD. You would have to scan the patch descriptions, which may sometimes be a problem, if you don't keep the old ones around...

Regular Advisor

Re: DE500, DE600 and LAN failover

Thanks Volker! Will take note of this once I do the upgrade of my test server.