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DE504-BA with AS800 7.1-1H2

Manoj Gupta_1
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DE504-BA with AS800 7.1-1H2

I have 4 port network card DE504-BA Rev B-02 to be installed on AS800 with OS OpenVMS 7.1-1H2.

How i can integrate this card or if any driver is required how i can get this driver.
R. Verkerk
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Re: DE504-BA with AS800 7.1-1H2


The following page states that it is supported on 7.1-1H1. So than it would be just install and go.


But this page states that you need a higher version of OpenVMS:


Maybe somebody else has more info on it.


Robert Verkerk
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Re: DE504-BA with AS800 7.1-1H2

There were many problems found with the V7.1, V7.1-1H1 and V7.1-1H2 releases, and numbers of ECO kits were issued. These ECOs in this era also tended to have sequencing and reboot requirements; where you had to install the kits in the correct order and reboot between various of them.

If you want this to work in the most simple and reliable fashion and you don't want to be chasing device support, upgrade off that release.

(But I'm guessing you're supporting some fixed hardware and software configuration until it dies and you're swapping for a dead NIC, and you can't upgrade to newer bits.)

If you want to get this stuff to work on this release, then go install all of the ECO kits for the release (and in the proper order) and load more recent firmware and call us back. If you do that and it doesn't work (though I'd guess that it should work, given what I see), then you'll have to upgrade.

It's vastly easier to load V7.1-2, which is what the Wizard was pointing to. And you then get PCSI-based ECO kits, and newer ECO kits.

Better still, upgrade to more recent hardware or to current software, or both. This V7.1-1H2 stuff and this AlphaServer 800 box is the same vintage as Microsoft Windows 98, after all.
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Re: DE504-BA with AS800 7.1-1H2