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DEC Server 16 console cable type needed

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DEC Server 16 console cable type needed



We have a DEC server 16 and we need to telnet into this to PICA8 switches (P-3920).  What kind of console cable we need to use ?




Steven Schweda
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Re: DEC Server 16 console cable type needed

Bob Blunt
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Re: DEC Server 16 console cable type needed

I fully agree, your DECserver name isn't even close.  If you can't find a name on the DECserver then please look for a product label (usually on the back or the bottom) and get us the model or part number.  For a DECserver this should be something like DSRVB or something similar.  Even the Vnetek terminal servers still carry this general form of model number.


IF you're trying to connect a DECserver to an Ethernet Switch (which the P-3920 is) you get a straight through RJ45 cable and plug in the DECservers Ethernet port (which, by the way, is only a 10mb connection for original DECservers) and plug it into one of the standard switch ports.  If you're trying to connect a terminal port on the DECserver to the console port on the P-3920 then things are not as clear.  So we need to know exactly what you're trying to do, what you're trying to connect between these items.